On June 18th in the church of Santa Maria in Monticelli in Rome, during mass at 6.30 pm ⁠Nataniel and Aman, Indians, entered the doctrinaries novitiate; Martin (India), Placide and Etienne (Burundi) received the ministry of lectorate; the Rwandan⁠ ⁠⁠Samson renewed his temporary profession, as Pascal and Nestor did on the same day in India.⁠⁠
In Burundi, in front of the Kirundo High School of the Muyinga Kanyinya parish, the blessing ceremony of the new community and the new house dedicated to “Father Santoro” took place on 27 June at 5pm.
The new house in Burundi was built thanks to the generosity of many donors who support the missionary initiatives of the Doctrinaries.