Catechism? Of course, but in the family

The proposal is very innovative, albeit demanding: from «Wednesday Luca doesn’t play volleyball, I’ll take him to catechism» to: «We’re not here on Sunday, we’ll do catechism». Imaginary dialogues between parents in Turin and Rome. In the two parishes that the bishops have entrusted to them, Jesus of Nazareth and Saint Andrew the Apostle, the Doctrine Fathers propose family catechesis in preparation for the sacraments of first Confession and first Communion. An experimentation that began in 2013 in Turin, which [...]

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Cesar De Bus International Seminar reopens

The Cesare de Bus International Seminary reopened on Sunday 6 February, in Rome, in via Aurelia 1100. It was started in 1993 by Father Luciano Mascarin, then Superior General. Riapre nel segno della speranza perché la Congregazione possa vivere una nuova stagione di vocazioni, anche grazie alla canonizzazione di padre Cesare. La nuova comunità, formata dai padri Dieudonné, Paolo e Protais, il professo Martin e i postulanti Bikas, Nestor, Paschal e Samson, ha iniziato la sua vita nel Seminario accompagnata [...]

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Youth Vocation Ministry for Italy and France with “Cesar-Stock”

Cesar De Bus Festival "Cesar-Stock.beta" from the evening of 13 to the lunch of May 15, in the International Seminary of Doctrinaries in Rome, for children and young people aged 12 to 23. Three days of "peace, light and love", guided by the example of Father Cesare who is proclaimed a saint on the 15th, to seek the meaning of his life. To participate, you must write to indicating your name, surname, date of birth, address, residence, email, telephone [...]

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Italy, new Doctrinary parish priests

October of parish entries for the Doctrinary Fathers in Salerno, Turin and Rome. In Salerno, on 3 October, during the 10.30 mass, Father Rocco Caruso took over from Father Franco Mangili in the parish of Santa Maria dei Barbuti in Fratte. Msgr. Andrea Bellandi, archbishop of Salerno-Campagna-Acerno presided over the celebration, with a large participation of the parishioners, of the confreres of Father Caruso who in the city of Campania are present, as well as in the parish, also [...]

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Cesare De Bus, the holy catechist founder of the Doctrinaries

Interview with Father Sergio La Pegna, Superior General of the Congregation of the Fathers of Christian Doctrine The Congregation of the Fathers of Christian Doctrine has its roots in the first half of 1500: on Sunday 3 February 1544 in Cavaillon, near Avignon in France, Cesare de Bus was born. After an adolescence that saw him in the military and then at the court of the king of France, in 1575 he rediscovered the faith and in 1582 he was [...]

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Angelo Struffolini Doctrinarian and catechist

Angelo Struffolini Doctrinarian and catechist bishop in the South of the new century A bishop in the Italy united a little more than forty years ago; in the South that was facing the twentieth century among strong tensions and social disparities. "Angelo Struffolini (1853-1917). Doctrinarian , catechist and bishop of the new century" is the title of the book by Angelo Giuseppe Dibisceglia, professor of Church History at the Salesian Pontifical University (Rome) and at the Apulian Theological Faculty [...]

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