Edizioni Dottrinari for catechesis

Edizioni Dottrinari was born in 1964, in Salerno. The soul of this catechetical apostolate is Father Alessandro Iadecola. The publishing house began in the premises of the old church, with the printing, by mimeograph, of the weekly sheet La Domenica, which contained chronicles of parish life. Once the first machinery was purchased, the printing activity continued with printed matter and teaching aids for the catechism, whose modest cost and practicality contributed to directing many parish priests towards the Doctrine Fathers, who found in the publications a valid aid for the parish catechism. The result is that “the name of the Congregation in the region is no longer unknown” – writes Father Roberti – “priests and laity are familiar with our work, the bishops of the area praise and bless the work”.
Publishing initiatives multiply: in addition to books, pamphlets, active notebooks, biblical vigils, pictures and other printed material, the monthly student magazine Vele al vento is born; a wall calendar with views of the land of Jesus and a school diary with photos of the province of Salerno are printed; finally, the magazine Modelli e Sport, distributed nationwide.
In 1988, Edizioni Dottrinari moved to new premises in Pellezzano, and continued to be a publishing reality at the service of pastoral care and catechism. The direction was entrusted to Father Francesco Gatto and then to Father Franco Mangili.
To flank the editorial work, the Fathers in 2013 expanded the spaces of presence in Pellezzano and opened a store for the distribution of books and religious articles.

The Catalogue

The catalogue ranges from prayers for the family to commentaries on the liturgy and scripture, from music and songs to Old and New Testament volumes; from parish registers to parchments.
The lion’s share – in the wake of the charism of the Congregation – is reserved for catechesis, which encompasses the entire span of life, from infants to children, from teens to adults.
The volumes can be purchased online at www.edizionidottrinari.it

Edizioni Dottrinari at the service of catechesis

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