Charism and Spirituality

The charism of the origins is confirmed by the text of the First Rules (1602), which states: “Let all be firmly rooted in Christian doctrine and charity; the entire perfection of our Congregation has these two virtues as its foundation”.The charism of the Congregation is base on Fraternal life in community, with a view to the exercise of Christian doctrine, that is the proclamation of the Word of God by means of a catechesis that is accessible, comprehensible and close to the lives of the recipients.

Therefore, community life as apostolic mission and the practice of the evangelical counsels are signs of a profound union with Christ and the Church and they are the two elements that characterize the Consecration of Doctrinarian Religious.

Moreover, their creative fidelity to the charism entails a particular way of sanctification and apostolate, which finds nourishment in listening to the Word of God: meditation, prayer and knowledge of Sacred Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium; it also means to meet and address the demands and needs that emerge from the hearts of the men and women of our time: all enriched, through the ages, by the testimony of brethren illustrious for holiness and doctrine and, in some cases, for the grace of martyrdom.

The charism of the Congregation was born from the renewal brought by the Council of Trent and found confirmation of its specificity both in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council and in many documents of the Church, which pay great attention to evangelisation and to an incisive catechesis for our time.


The Congregation, which has survived painful historical events, is now active in Italy, France, Brazil, India and Burundi.

These are the words of Paul VI on the day of Father César’s beatification (27 April 1975)

“We want to speak to the religious and priests who dedicated their life teaching the Christian doctrine , witnessing the faith and the Word of life. We remember the catechists, artisans of the first missionary evangelization and all the young volunteers who dedicate themselves to the proclamation of the Gospel. Today by a very special title is their feast day.”
“We admire the idea and the effort of this new Blessed and his magisterium, which intends to popularize and insert into our modern society the frank and genuine science of religion. This is the fundamental and traditional method to embrace the Word of God and His revelation, in order to open the individual search of His stupendous and inexhaustible depths, to recognize its enlightening and beatifying virtue, directed towards charity and unity. And it is a living, modern, actual method”.

(at the “Regina Coeli” of the same day)

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