Entry into the novitiate, ministry of lectorate and renewal of temporary professions in Rome. The new community in Kirundo.

On June 18th in the church of Santa Maria in Monticelli in Rome, during mass at 6.30 pm ⁠Nataniel and Aman, Indians, entered the doctrinaries novitiate; Martin (India), Placide and Etienne (Burundi) received the ministry of lectorate; the Rwandan⁠ ⁠⁠Samson renewed his temporary profession, as Pascal and Nestor did on the same day in India.⁠⁠ In Burundi, in front of the Kirundo High School of the Muyinga Kanyinya parish, the blessing ceremony of the new community and the new [...]

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Lent – a floor in India and Burundi

With the ritual of the imposition of the Ashes, on Wednesday 22 February, Lent begins, a forty-day journey to arrive at the appointment with the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Like any journey, Lent requires preparation so as not to get lost and willingness to change; the ability to convert in order to open oneself to an encounter with the One and with those we will meet; generosity in sharing water and food with those we meet along [...]

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Burundi, new home in Kirundo

The Congregation of Doctrinal Fathers has purchased new land in Burundi, in Kirundo, not far from the city and villages, and close to Tanzania and Rwanda. At the request of the Bishop of Muynga, the fathers are starting a project for the construction of a multipurpose hall, dedicated above all to the formation of catechists, a house for the community and a church. The land extends over two hectares. The entire catechetical complex will be named after Father Lodovico Santoro, [...]

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