With the ritual of the imposition of the Ashes, on Wednesday 22 February, Lent begins, a forty-day journey to arrive at the appointment with the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Like any journey, Lent requires preparation so as not to get lost and willingness to change; the ability to convert in order to open oneself to an encounter with the One and with those we will meet; generosity in sharing water and food with those we meet along the way.
During Lent, the communities that gather around the Doctrinaries can help build the floor for two large halls in India in the Jareya school – which will host meetings and training events for the 800 students in the area – and in Burundi in Kirundo, where a center will be built of catechesis and formation for the population.
The Doctrinaries propose to involve, through male and female catechists, the families of boys and girls who are preparing to receive the sacraments, young people from parish groups, associations and ecclesial movements and, obviously, the adults of the communities.
The “game” is simple: every week you can pay even a small amount to buy the tiles and compose the “puzzle floor” displayed on a billboard in the church or in a parish hall, so that everyone can verify the “state progress reports” and learn about the details of the projects in the two countries.

Anyone can contribute to the construction of the two large halls in the missions of the Doctrinal Fathers with a payment – specifying in the description “Multipurpose halls in India and Burundi – to the current account in the name of:

IBAN: IT26 I056 9603 2350 0000 2581 X76
Filiale: 538 ROMA – AG. 35