Lent has always been a privileged time to open your eyes and heart to the many poverties that exist in the world. In fact, there are three pillars on which the Lenten journey rests: prayer, fasting and sharing.
The parishioners of Cavaillon-Les-Vignères-Cheval Blanc-Robion and the boys of the Catholic Lasallian School “Saint Charles” were urged to open their hearts to the proposals of Father Paolo De Leo, responsible for the projects of the Doctrinal missions in India and Burundi.
Catechism students, young people from the parish groups of Cavaillon-Cheval Blanc and Robion, retirees from the MCR, Saint Charles School Management promoted the bowl of rice and Operation Oranges as Lent actions.
It was nice to see everyone’s commitment – almost a competition – in supporting the start of the construction of two multipurpose rooms in the Jareya school in India and in the new Catechesis House in Burundi. After Sunday mass, the parishioners bought oranges, made available by an “anonymous benefactor”, while the young people of the catechism class, with their men and women entertainers, shared the traditional bowl of rice with the parishioners, – prepared by the Vietnamese community present in the area – and the equivalent of the cost of the complete dinner for India and Burundi was donated.
Ours was the classic “drop in the immense ocean of charity” that binds distant peoples in fraternity. Sincere thanks to all from the inhabitants of Jareya (India) of Kirundo and the young seminarians of Gitega (Burundi).

p. Gianmario Redaelli, dc

Lent in Cheval-Blanc