Liturgical Feast of Saint Caesar

Celebration of the liturgical feast of Saint Caesar in the second week of Easter between 16 and 17 May, in the Doctrinaries Communities in Italy and France. Renewal of vows in Pontecorvo, in Sant’Andrea apostolo and in Santa Maria in Monticelli in Rome, in the parish of Madonna Assunta in Vittoria which also celebrated the 37 years of priesthood of Father Giuseppe Giunta and in Gesù Nazareno, where the bishop of Turin Roberto Repole presided over Sunday Mass and [...]

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From Provence a bowl of rice for India and Burundi

Lent has always been a privileged time to open your eyes and heart to the many poverties that exist in the world. In fact, there are three pillars on which the Lenten journey rests: prayer, fasting and sharing. The parishioners of Cavaillon-Les-Vignères-Cheval Blanc-Robion and the boys of the Catholic Lasallian School "Saint Charles" were urged to open their hearts to the proposals of Father Paolo De Leo, responsible for the projects of the Doctrinal missions in India and Burundi. Catechism [...]

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A year with César De Bus

Cycle of conferences in Cavaillon to get to know the holy catechist Cavaillon, the birthplace of César de Bus, celebrates, with a cycle of six conferences in the Salle du Moulin Saint-Julien, the founder of the Doctrinary Fathers, born on 3 February 1544 and recognized as a saint in 2021. First appointment on November 20 at 2.30 pm with “César De Bus and the Catholic Reformation in France”. Nicole Lemaitre, professor emeritus at the Sorbonne University School of History, [...]

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Hermitage of St. James in Cavaillon: restoration work begins

The hermitage of San Giacomo, on the hill overlooking Cavaillon, where César De Bus, founder of the Doctrinarian Fathers, retired after his priestly ordination in 1582 to deepen his study of the "catechism for parish priests," is undergoing restoration. The roof, the portico with the cobblestones and the garden will be restored also thanks to private donations. The intervention started at the beginning of January. Jean-Luc Parpaleix, in "La Provence" de Cavaillon wrote: «The building site cannot be compared to [...]

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