Father Giorgio Levorato priest for fifty years

by Graziella Lanz and Valeria Bellinato Celebration for the fiftieth anniversary of Father Giorgio Levorato's priesthood on Sunday 24 September in the Archpriest church of Vigonza, where he was consecrated on the same day in 1973 by Monsignor Girolamo Bortignon, bishop of Padua. Present at the concelebration, presided over by Father Giorgio himself, were, among other priests, the parish priest of Vigonza Don Alessandro Spiezia, the Superior General of the Doctrinaries, Father Sergio La Pegna, Father Gustavo Silveira of San [...]

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Liturgical Feast of Saint Caesar

Celebration of the liturgical feast of Saint Caesar in the second week of Easter between 16 and 17 May, in the Doctrinaries Communities in Italy and France. Renewal of vows in Pontecorvo, in Sant’Andrea apostolo and in Santa Maria in Monticelli in Rome, in the parish of Madonna Assunta in Vittoria which also celebrated the 37 years of priesthood of Father Giuseppe Giunta and in Gesù Nazareno, where the bishop of Turin Roberto Repole presided over Sunday Mass and [...]

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April 17 in Pontecorvo renewal of religious vows

San Cesare de Bus died on Easter night, April 15, 1607, and his last words were: «Tomorrow is Easter, for me it will be twice!!», announcing his encounter with God. Almost always the anniversary of the his death coincides with the Easter season and, this year, during the Easter octave. The celebration of the feast has therefore been postponed to April 17th. In Pontecorvo the community of San Marco gathered in prayer and took part in the renewal of the [...]

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Turin, to Jesus of Nazareth the archbishop for Saint Caesar

On the 2nd Sunday of Easter, 16 April, the parish community of Jesus Nazareno welcomed Archbishop Roberto Repole for the Eucharistic celebration and for the liturgical feast of Saint Cesare de Bus, founder of the Priests of Christian Doctrine, canonized by Pope Francis on May 15, 2022. On November 11, 1902, the Doctrinaries arrived in the Cit Turin, then a suburban district, to first found a new house, then a parish and finally build a monumental church. “Jesus of Nazareth [...]

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The liturgical feast of San Cesare in Santa Maria in Monticelli

Liturgical feast of San Cesare in all the doctrinaire communities, this year on April 17, the first day after the Easter Octave. In Santa Maria in Monticelli, the general house in Rome, as per tradition, all the doctrinaire professed renewed their vows in front of the urn with the remains of the founder. The feast was enriched by the presence of a large representation of members of the Doctrinarian Fraternity of the Word, of the Doctrinarian Family Movement, by parishioners [...]

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The Field of Doctrinarian Family Movement

The Doctrinarian Family Movement will live the annual camp from 22 to 25 April in Morlupo, near Rome. The Doctrinarian Family Movement last May 15 in Rome for the canonization of Father Cesare. It will be a moment of verification of the progress of the Movement and the participating families will resume the thematic path of the last few years, a fresh start after the meeting during the canonization of Father Cesare last May 15th. Sunday 23 the [...]

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Cesar Stock, in July in Loppiano

New Cesar Stock appointment from 2 to 9 July in Loppiano, in the province of Florence, in the International Citadel of the Focolare Movement. Eight days for young people aged 12 to 20 with meetings, prayer, games and adventures in the footsteps of Saint Cesare de Bus, Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement, Blessed Chiara Lube Badano and members of the community of Loppiano, for a journey of seeking peace, love and light in one's life. Registrations by mail [...]

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From Provence a bowl of rice for India and Burundi

Lent has always been a privileged time to open your eyes and heart to the many poverties that exist in the world. In fact, there are three pillars on which the Lenten journey rests: prayer, fasting and sharing. The parishioners of Cavaillon-Les-Vignères-Cheval Blanc-Robion and the boys of the Catholic Lasallian School "Saint Charles" were urged to open their hearts to the proposals of Father Paolo De Leo, responsible for the projects of the Doctrinal missions in India and Burundi. Catechism [...]

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April 15, Solemnity of San Cesare de Bus

padre Sergio La Pegna, dc The Superior General Dearest brothers and friends, We still have fresh in our minds and hearts the great celebration of 15 May 2022 when, in one of the most numerous canonisation ceremonies of all time, Pope Francis proclaimed 10 new saints, including our own César de Bus. In this annual Message for his liturgical feast, I deem it fitting to recall a fundamental aspect of his life and mission: being a catechist. Pope Francis, with [...]

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Catechism? Of course, but in the family

The proposal is very innovative, albeit demanding: from «Wednesday Luca doesn’t play volleyball, I’ll take him to catechism» to: «We’re not here on Sunday, we’ll do catechism». Imaginary dialogues between parents in Turin and Rome. In the two parishes that the bishops have entrusted to them, Jesus of Nazareth and Saint Andrew the Apostle, the Doctrine Fathers propose family catechesis in preparation for the sacraments of first Confession and first Communion. An experimentation that began in 2013 in Turin, which [...]

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