The 76th General Chapter of the Congregation of Doctrinaries opens today, 4 April, in Morlupo (Rome) and will end on 18 April “The Spirit will guide you and announce you (cf. Jn 16, 13-14). Consecrated Doctrinaries like Saint Caesar: for our significant presence in the Dioceses “is the theme that the Fathers will address during the chapter days. The General Chapter will also be called to elect the new Superior General and the Council.
Father Sergio La Pegna, Superior General, wrote when presenting the Chapter in Luce Vera, the Congregation’s magazine, in last March’s issue: «The ongoing process is to give all our communities, be they parishes, schools, rectories, formation houses, chapels open to the faithful… a doctrinal imprint, through availability and particular attention to catechesis, to the training of catechists, to the initiation of catechetical courses together with lay people, especially those who share our charism, as well as a availability to service of Confessions and preaching. We find all this current, considering it a response to Pope Francis’ appeals for an “outgoing Church”, in particular “towards the geographical and existential periphery”.
Father Sergio invited those who share the path of the Congregation to guarantee their closeness to the fathers with prayer.