Cesar De Bus Festival “Cesar-Stock.beta” from the evening of 13 to the lunch of May 15, in the International Seminary of Doctrinaries in Rome, for children and young people aged 12 to 23. Three days of “peace, light and love”, guided by the example of Father Cesare who is proclaimed a saint on the 15th, to seek the meaning of his life.
To participate, you must write to pastorale.giovanile@dottrinari.org indicating your name, surname, date of birth, address, residence, email, telephone and mobile phone. The participation fee is 50 € (food and various expenses). Those arriving from outside Rome will pay an additional € 50 for bed and breakfast at the John Paul II Institute, via Cassia 1200, Rome. Those who can and wish can pay € 20 as a solidarity fee to help those with higher travel expenses.
Registration with a non-refundable € 50 deposit must be made by March 31st. The arrival in Rome and the return to their homes will be the responsibility of the participants.
The title “3 days of peace & light & love” recalls the famous Woodstock of 1969; then the message (beyond stereotypes and drifts) was for a music festival that was a restart of humanity; the participants will try to let themselves be enlightened by the Lord through the life of St. Caesar to find that inner peace that allows them to live in love and therefore to the fullness of their lives.
This journey of knowledge and discernment through the streets of Rome, retracing the life of Caesar, will end on Sunday 15 May in St. Peter’s Square with Pope Francis to live the feast for a saint who still has so much to say to all of us and in particular to the young.