The 76th General Chapter of the Congregation of the Fathers of Christian Doctrine (Doctrinaries), meeting in Morlupo (Rome), re-elected Father Sergio La Pegna as Superior General.
The Chapter also elected General Councilors: Fr. Vincenzo De Martino, p. Luis Gonzaga Bolinelli, p. Dieudonné Nyamweru and Fr. Binay Kumar Guria. Those elected will remain in office for the next six years.
Father Sergio La Pegna (51 years old), is originally from Vittoria (Ragusa, Italy) and served as Superior General from 2018 to 2024; father Vincenzo De Martino (60 years old), Italian; father Luis Gonzaga Bolinelli (63 years old), Brazilian; father Dieudonné Nyamweru (37 years old), Burundian, father Binay Kumar Guria (52 years old), Indian.
The theme of the Chapter was “The Spirit will guide you and announce you (cf. Jn 16, 13-14). Consecrated Doctrinaries like Saint Caesar: for our significant presence in the Dioceses”. In light of the work of Saint Caesar, proclaimed Saint by Pope Francis in 2022, the Capitulars paused to reflect on the contribution that the Congregation of Doctrinaries can make regarding catechesis, in the dioceses and nations where they are present.

Father Sergio La Pegna

Father General La Pegna with the Councillors