From 1 to 4 March 2024 the boys and girls of Cesar-Stock experienced mini-spiritual exercises, an experience that the Doctrinaries tried to propose again after a few years of interruption.
The House of Friednship in Almese (TO) hosted us with great courtesy and attention, and Patrizia with her delicious dishes allowed us to feel truly at home! There were about ten participants, from whom we asked for a few words of verification and reporting.
«I think that mini exercises are an experience worth doing, if it’s your first time doing them, don’t worry, because they are very calm and effective at the same time. Furthermore, if you struggle at first to learn to concentrate…, there will be someone ready to help you. You will be a little reborn after doing them!
«Three things will remain in my mind about these spiritual exercises, the first for me: 1) The value of the exercise. Regardless of what the field of application is, practicing something always requires effort, which in this case – contrary to what I might initially think – was not only mental, but also physical. Because if the mind does everything to get you off track, wandering from one thought to another, the body begins to affect you in a more subtle way, with pain, discomfort and itching. For me these were the most complex aspects to deal with, but managing them – regardless of success – was an important component of my moments of prayer.

2) The various faces of silence. There was no obligation in the strict sense, rather an invitation to self-manage by trying to limit excessive, frivolous noise. In this scenario I was able to rediscover the beauty and serenity of silence, but at the same time the embarrassment and social discomfort with which it is sadly associated, accustomed as we are to seeking it only in situations of tiredness and discouragement rather than for the pleasure of wallowing in it. Personally I appreciated it, to the point of suffering the moments when it was lacking.
3) The complexity and fascination of the Scriptures. Complex because an apparently “strange” text like the parable of the Samaritan turned out to be full of hidden meanings, food for thought and prayer and interpretations that I would never have found on my own. Fascinating because they contain all human knowledge, always current and presented with a filter of simplicity such as to reach directly to the heart of the reader, allowing them to perceive that dialogue characterizing the relationship with God. They were certainly days as intense and tiring as they were enriching from the point of view human and spiritual, an excellent springboard to bring back my prayer which was slowly fading. To redo!”.

The House of Friednship in Almese (TO)