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Turin, to Jesus of Nazareth the archbishop for Saint Caesar

On the 2nd Sunday of Easter, 16 April, the parish community of Jesus Nazareno welcomed Archbishop Roberto Repole for the Eucharistic celebration and for the liturgical feast of Saint Cesare de Bus, founder of the Priests of Christian Doctrine, canonized by Pope Francis on May 15, 2022. On November 11, 1902, the Doctrinaries arrived in the Cit Turin, then a suburban district, to first found a new house, then a parish and finally build a monumental church. “Jesus of Nazareth [...]

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Catechism? Of course, but in the family

The proposal is very innovative, albeit demanding: from «Wednesday Luca doesn’t play volleyball, I’ll take him to catechism» to: «We’re not here on Sunday, we’ll do catechism». Imaginary dialogues between parents in Turin and Rome. In the two parishes that the bishops have entrusted to them, Jesus of Nazareth and Saint Andrew the Apostle, the Doctrine Fathers propose family catechesis in preparation for the sacraments of first Confession and first Communion. An experimentation that began in 2013 in Turin, which [...]

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Italy, new Doctrinary parish priests

October of parish entries for the Doctrinary Fathers in Salerno, Turin and Rome. In Salerno, on 3 October, during the 10.30 mass, Father Rocco Caruso took over from Father Franco Mangili in the parish of Santa Maria dei Barbuti in Fratte. Msgr. Andrea Bellandi, archbishop of Salerno-Campagna-Acerno presided over the celebration, with a large participation of the parishioners, of the confreres of Father Caruso who in the city of Campania are present, as well as in the parish, also [...]

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